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Arizona Gives Day Making Dreams Come True

We All Have Dreams .... This is Ours!

We all have dreams, things we hope to do, and places we want to see, to name a few. One of the dreams for We Care Tucson is to further the impact of one of the pillars of our mission, removing the barrier to education. We currently have a low-cost computer referral program to help those socioeconomically challenged and who can't get a laptop or desktop and provide low-cost computers for sale to the general public. There is a push to focus on STEM-oriented learning. Federal investment in diversifying STEM education and opportunity focuses on the college level and higher with less funding dedicated to K-12 education. However, a study by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, suggests that participating in STEM summer programs makes underrepresented communities more likely to graduate from High School, attend four-year colleges, and earn STEM degrees.

So, what does this do with We Care Tucson and our dreams?

Simple, we are launching a one-week Tech Camp designed for middle school students to learn about computer technology, from the components that comprise desktop and laptop computers and the differences, how to rebuild/repair a desktop computer, and the functionality of the operating system; they will learn about e-recycling and finally learn about jobs in the technology field. All of this is done through fun hands-on activities led by experienced professionals in the field of technology. At the completion of the camp program, each student will be given a refurbished laptop. The camp will be offered to students in low-income areas and the program will be free. 

Help us make the dream a reality on Arizona Gives Day.  Your Generous donation can help us reach our goal. 

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Arizona Gives Day is an annual giving movement uniting nonprofits, big and small, new and established, to celebrate and increase the critical role Arizona nonprofits play in our communities and inspires people to give generously creating a thriving and stronger Arizona for all.

The Arizona Gives program is run by the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits + Arizona Grantmakers Forum. The event was started in 2013 to connect people with causes they believe in and build a lasting, stronger spirit of philanthropy. Since its inception, Arizona Gives Day has raised nearly $36.4 million for nonprofits statewide.

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