"We Care Tucson, 
First, a big thank you! 
Thank you for everything you do for students and the community. I also want to thank you for accepting me into your volunteer program. I have been coming to We Care Tucson for about three months now at least twice a week or daily if i can. I am a Pima college student in the IT program, so this opportunity to get hands-on learning is amazing!, but what's more amazing is the things you do for the community, and the lives you have changed right in front of me. 

When I first came to We Care Tucson, I had no idea the experiences I would encounter. After a couple of months I was asked to go along for a pickup of medical equipment from a gentleman who just lost his father. After arriving all the way to the east side of Tucson to pick up, the emotions started to hit. I Could feel this gentlemans pain even though we had never met and that wasn't easy. 

After loading up and heading out we made another stop. We met an elderly woman and her daughter in a parking lot to deliver this wheelchair the gentleman just donated. The daughter helped the lady in the wheelchair and as she sat in it she became emotional and forever thankful, she kept repeating how thankful she was and how life changing this wheelchair will be, because insurance won't provide and you guys did. I love being a part of the We Care family and watching the lives of people that you change on a daily basis. Thanks for having me. "


Aretha Varner 

October 10, 2022

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